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Dear Yusaku Maezawa,

This is my application to go the Moon with you and other artists.

I also contribute to my application. (not that domain names are really that arty.)

Why? I write, I art and I know I will thow-up in zero gravity. What could be better than watching that?

So, take a moment, read my works, gawk at my comic art first. Then when you have more time than you actually have, let us talk about the symphony in my head.

Dreams about moon life
Maezawa plants seeds
The smell of success
Blind aroma of dreaming

Thank for the inspiration.

Mayumi Takadanobaba



Mayumi Takadanobaba

Sugee and Burritos

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Now, if you are still interested in Fantasy Island (Japan) then take a breath and read about the craziest story you have ever heard.

Bradley Lawrence Bartz

Does Japan


1. Pardoned by the Emperor

2. Blacklisted by Japanese Government

3. Apology from Prime Minister Koizumi

4. Spies! Holy shit batman spies are everywhere in Japan

5. Left Japan with no debt and shirt on back

6. Bought Back Internet company stolen by Japanese Government

7. Reached the pinnacle of the Solar Bubble in Japan

8. Played like a fiddle by a pack of cocksuckers

9. Lost in Japanese Supreme Court in cleanup session before new Emperor

10. What the fuck is going to happen next? I actually do not know, but I am sure it will be so entertaining, bizzare and such.

Bradley Lawrence Bartz

Does Japan



All that is Japan is in the eyes of the people. Nothing prepares you for the pureness of the vision.